Friday, June 19, 2015


This afternoon, I finished a second read-through of a wonderful book...and now I'm at that strange, limbo-y place of being Between Books.  The better the book I've finished, the sharper the sense of detachment, of feeling as if I don't really know what I ought to be doing.  

I've been trying all afternoon, also, to post pictures recording our busy, eventful lives in the past week.  There are a lot of photos.  And despite my best efforts, they're still on my phone for some reason, and not shareable.  This is also a limbo-y feeling.  

I've been running "faster" than usual for the past two weeks, and parts of me (especially at the 5am alarm) really want to just do nothing.  Instead, we're going to use our Saturday to celebrate Lincoln's birthday with a family fun day, traveling up to Tupper Lake to enjoy the Wild Center and a hike up Panther Mountain.  This morning, I groaned at that prospect (the 5am alarm, you know), but now I'm really excited about it.  Even though it will mean that, yet again, our boys won't have proper naps, and I'll still be on-the-go.  

And that: Lincoln turned 5 yesterday!  I have to admit, I've been thinking of him as 5 for the past few months (just as I've thought of myself as 30 long before the actual event last week).  But it's real, it's official, and at some point I'll realize and process that in a way that hits home.  

Summer has almost begun.  Almost.  Lincoln will graduate pre-k on Monday.  But I found out today that he does have a school day Tuesday.  Good thing I was there when another parent had a question about Tuesday this morning--I had no idea!  The kid would have missed his last day of school!  Andy's last day is Wednesday.  

And then we get to start Project Season, earn Master's credits, take big and little family trips, go on our first real Vacation, plan and execute a 3-day vacation Bible school, get together with friends more often, and try to stay breezy and beautiful while I keep getting more pregnant.  :0)  Oh, and do some SLEEPING!  :0D  

And I keep having a thought that I heard on NPR the other day, while I'm wandering aimlessly and "relaxing" but really just wasting time on Facebook (and trying to post pictures): our Leisure Time is stressing us out, because we fritter it away on things that aren't actually what we want to be doing.  


So, even though I'm still looking at a screen to do this, at least I'm looking at my blog screen, sharing bits of my brain with you.  That's got a little purpose and satisfaction to it--and we all know that satisfaction really ought to be a tangible product of leisure time.  

And now, to get this bedtime show on the road.  Because we've made this big plan for tomorrow!