Monday, November 16, 2015

Mighty Oaks

I painted shirts for my family, in the hopes of doing our first-ever professional family photo shoot.  But I don't have that arranged yet, and so (while I can still squeeze my baby into his 0-3 month onesie) we did an informal thing at my parents' house.  So, despite misty-moisty weather, not having a studio for just-right backgrounds or lighting, and a pack of goofballs to work with, here's the cute result.  Maybe someday, before too long, we can actually get some beautiful photos taken, the kind that are a fun work of art and can be blown up bigger than 2x3 inches and still be crisply focused.  

But I'll have to paint a bigger onesie ;0)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Tuesday was supposed to be an easygoing day of picking up the house, prepping a pan of Apples 'n' Cheese, and packing overnight bags for a quick trip to my parents' house.  Instead, it was more like a morning spent with a stubborn, sad toddler who wouldn't begin his cleanup project.  (Granted, it was an overwhelming cleanup project, and maybe I shouldn't have been so ultimatum-ish...but he's got to learn to just start, right?)  I did get the dishes washed and the apples prepped while Lewis was busy being stubborn and sad.  

But then I sat down to nurse the baby (who was not in the mood to nap well or to sit in his seat gazing adoringly up at me), and this happened.  For the next 2 1/2 hours.  

Packing was not relaxing.  But at least my babies are irresistible <3

Monday, November 2, 2015

What A Morning!

I left the house later than I had wanted, headed for groceries at Nolt's and WalMart, with a goal of arriving on time for Story Hour just two hours hence.  At least 40 of those minutes set aside for drive time.  Preschooler and newborn along for the ride.  Fat chance.  

We managed an efficient Nolt's trip, and although Lemuel screamed for awhile in the shop and I thought I'd need to nurse him in the van, he fell back to sleep for the ride up the hill to WalMart.  And then we managed an efficient trip to WalMart--quite possibly the most efficient trip I've ever made there with my children.  And although Lemuel screamed for awhile in the store and I thought I'd need to nurse him in the store, we raced through and paid and finished in record time, and I realized that not only could I nurse him in the van--but I had time to nurse him in a relaxed fashion.  Wonder of wonders!  

As we crossed the parking lot on our way out I told Lewis, "You know what little blessing God gave me just now?  A cart whose wheels steer properly, and aren't all catawampus."  Because steering a cart with one hand is hard (especially with preschooler in the cart and newborn strapped to me, screaming and desiring a meal and a smooth ride).  

We even had time to stop at home for me to run the cold groceries in to the fridge.  And we arrived at the library 4 minutes early.  

Unheard of.   Praise Jesus for a morning like that!