Friday, October 23, 2015

Remembering Lem's First Week

Lemuel Lloyd Huntress arrived, about 4 weeks later and 2 pounds heavier than I fully expected, on the morning of October 15, 2015.  At 8 pounds and 12 ounces, he turned out to be the biggest of my babies!  

Laboring with him was a "nice" hybrid between Lincoln and Lewis, moving quickly once we got going but entering the world much more gently than Lincoln.  Third babies are kinder toward mama bodies.  Intriguingly, my water never broke, and Lem came still fully enclosed in the intact bag of waters.  Andy got to see that, and I wish I had.  But mostly I was just flooded with relief to be finished.  

Lemuel: Hebrew, "belonging to, devoted to God".
Lloyd: Welsh, "grey".  Much more significantly, daddy's, grandfather's, and great-grandfather's middle name.  

In this week, he has regained his birth weight (and probably more), learned to nurse better and better, and is already discovering his fingers/thumb.  Andy has noticed that his cry is already stronger (and a little less cute, haha)--BUT, he's so far a content little baby, and only cries during bare-bottomed midnight changes and when I haven't fed him fast enough.  Understandable.  

Babies are gross.  I mean, don't get me wrong; they're incredibly sweet, wondrous little beings to hold close.  But also gross.  Case in point: Wednesday morning I realized that his circumcision wound was all healed up.  Because suddenly, he was peeing the instant he was uncovered for a diaper change.  Getting ready to go up to Lowville for some blood work took more than a full hour and included four diapers in a row (2 peed on, 2 pooped in.  Mid-change.), three fresh outfits, a couple of spit-ups (because we also needed to nurse twice).  And then of course there was getting Lewis dressed and ready.  Everybody Ready at the same time is indeed a feat.  That night...well, the next morning's diaper/outfit tally was EIGHT diapers and a pile of two-and-a-half sets of clothes, swaddle blankets, and burp cloths.  Andy did not feel very rested in the morning.  Usually I take care of the midnight stuff, but I really needed him to run for more clothes and diapers a few times!  Oh, and just in general, it's really comical how often a newborn poops.  Literally a fresh diaper to begin with, then nurse, then the squirt poops while the meal is still in progress.  Amazingly efficient little systems.  We're getting better already though, and for a mama, it's a source of pride to figure out a diaper system that averts disasters. 

Babies are sweet.  Lem's little noises are just sweet, beautiful little sounds.  Grunts, snorts, squeaks, snuffles, erratic breathing, milk splutters, sometimes his little voice, his wonderfully peaceful breathing while napping on mama's chest.  The first three nights of his life, he wouldn't sleep peacefully at all unless he was snuggled against me.  (Those were very hard nights for me, and I'm REALLY thankful that he's learning already to sleep better near mama without being on me.)  When he's awake, he watches intently: mama's face; daddy and brothers; he's intrigued by the play of light reflected off the metal garbage can, or through the window, or on the tv screen across the room.  He "talks" to us with his facial expressions.  Well, mostly his little bird mouth, to tell us he's hungry.  But he gets his message across.  When I'm holding him upright and he's fallen asleep, he wraps his right arm around my left arm <3  When I'm holding him upright and he's awake, he'd rather look at my face, and so he cranes his neck way back so his wobbly little head can follow my face.  

He's about to wake up, hungry as usual.  My third baby to love and to cherish, and I am so, so thankful for him!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Little Moments Make Life Big

A little background here: tomorrow morning Andy and I are headed to the hospital to (hopefully) induce this baby to come out and meet us <3  

So tonight, I had a small epiphany-meltdown.  I remembered back to when Lewis was born, and suddenly, instantly, bedtime with Lincoln was never the same.  It really shocked me that time, because I just hadn't thought ahead about it.  But this time...well, I know what's about to happen.  And in an instant, of reprimanding Lewis in the middle of his meltdown about going upstairs to brush his teeth, I suddenly just realized: this is the last night I can read bedtime stories to my two boys.  Instant tears.

And Lewis, with his sweet, sweet heart--he instantly wondered what was wrong, and when I explained he went right upstairs and brushed those teeth and got himself all ready for story time.  Lincoln, not far behind, also perplexedly wondered what was wrong, and went right up get ready--but he also did his best to make me laugh, and realize that I will read stories to them again, after all, and this feeling that's making me cry is "pretend," "fiction!"  He loves making us laugh.  

So, these pictures somehow look much prettier than my tear-blotched, bloodshot eyes actually were...but I'm just thankful for the gift of knowing, this time around, that tonight was precious, and a Little Moment with my boys that was really very Important.