Thursday, July 23, 2015

Well, It's Happened

Our first ER visit, that is.  

Lincoln and Lewis were playing some variety of game in which they used the Hulk punching glove to knock each other off the red hopper ball...and apparently Lewis got knocked off in the wrong place, crashing his forehead down onto the edge of the coffee table.  

Andy and I were in the kitchen when Lewis's cries welled up.  But the thing is, they seemed like pretty run-of-the-mill cries, like when his brother pinches him or some such injustice.  Then Lincoln came into the kitchen complaining that his ear was hurt ("Well that's what happens when you two insist on crashing around into each other.")  And then, enter Lewis: bent over, hand on forehead, with blood streaming down his face and onto his shirt and dripping all over the floor.  OH MY.  This is more than we expected!  

So, you know, warm wet washcloth, paper towels to wipe up all the blood, pressure on the wound and rubbing the poor boy's back.  Lincoln, please put my yogurt in the fridge, and get me another wet washcloth.  Andy, would you switch the car seats so I can ride next to Lewis?  And grab me a t-shirt to change into?  Andy scoops up our little man to buckle him into his seat while I gather up water bottles and blankies.  And we're off.  

Hoping to go to Urgent Care, since it's certainly more of a wound than we're equipped to handle at home, but not really an emergency.  But they're closed until afternoon, so to the ER we go.  

And the kid was a champ.  I am very, very thankful that glue was the first aid of choice, rather than stitches.  And he got a pile of stickers (also some to share with his brother out in the waiting room).  And then we went to Lloyd's for lunch, his request.  

And now he's sleeping it off in the heat of the day cool of his bedroom.  

Oh, my little man.  In a way, it's a little miraculous that this is our first-ever Boy Visit to the ER.  And I'm sad that he'll probably have a scar across his beautiful forehead.  But there are so many worse things that could send a little boy and his family to the ER.  I'm thankful this visit was low-key.